Heartily recommended!

Light Sheer Desire

In Madame Katrina Salon we perform depilation of unwanted hair with the most technologically advanced Light Sheer laser. Is it the most selective laser light beam, the most modern on the Polish marker and in the world.

Action Light Sheer laser involves the delivering of focused, selective light beams, which are absorbed by the melanin contained in the hair roots. As a result, melanin is broken, and the nucleus of the hair is degraded. Depending on the type of hair and placement undergoing the hair removal a gradual thinning and reducing of the hairs takes place. Individuals who undergo laser hair removal should remember that hair has different growth phases and hair does not grown at the same time.
Light Sheer laser light reacts only to those hairs that are in the growth phase, and therefore laser depilation should be repeated in appropriate intervals. Before undergoing laser hair treatment, please refer to all contraindications:

• pregnancy
• skin sensitivity to sunlight
• new tattoos
• fresh tan
• use of lotions with retinol
• use of drugs, retinoids, antibiotics
• use of herbs (St John’s wort, calendula)
• waxing or tweezing
• prone to discoloration and scarring
• vitiligo
• psoriasis
• epilepsy
• peels (acid, microdermabrasion)
• vary clear and grey hair